Whale Tales

Connecticut, Post Kelo New London


Since Mayor Finizio named Whale Tales
and associates as Public Enemy #1
next to the many others who are pretty
sick of him, we have returned to what
has, in the past, proven to be a pretty
good way to get the  news, good and
bad, where it needs to go.

It will take us awhile to get all that needs
to be here up here, so check back on a
regular basis.

In the meantime, consider this;
Mayor Finizio is more interested in getting
his name in the media than in any attempts
at repairing the damage to both city and
citizens of New London.

His eye is on a much bigger prize than
what he considers as simply a stepping
stone to his true destiny.

God help us all!




Finizio Demands Whale Tales   Shutdown  While Denouncing Hitler Photo

  " Our country was founded on the freedom of speech but Facebook, New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio and others seem to think that freedom goes too far..."

"One would think the removal of the photo and that statement would satisfy Finizio, but it did not..."

"In the end, it is ironic that a man denounces a comparison made between him and a dictator yet tells the Whale Tale to disband, indirectly insults those who make anonymous comments online, and defines an attack on him as “hate speech”.

Read the article on New London Patch

More Lawsuits Coming Our Way?

Watch this spot for more information


  Whatever happened to Union Rep Rich Waselik's request to the City Council for an  investigation into former employees who had been added to New London's Pension Plan, at additional expense to the already overburdened taxpayers, although they failed to meet charter requirements?

The council sent a memo to Mayor Finizio in December of 2013 asking for information about Waselik's claim but have yet to receive any response.

No surprise there.



Won't they be surprised? Or maybe not

THEY being members of New London's City Council who, according to reliable sources have once again been cut out of the loop and are unaware that Bill Watkins(sp) of New London Public Works has reportedly awarded the contract for repairs to the seawall on Pequot Avenue to Hugo Keys & Sons.

Also bidding on the contract were local firms Loring and Son Masonry and  the Peter Turello Company.

Even more interesting is that Hugo Key is yet another Rhode Island company which New London's mayor seems to have an affection for and this one has a rather checkered past having lost suits against Dennis, MA and the federal government.